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Wydrex is a collective of like-minded people seeking to transform the water sector and bring about environmental and social change.

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The greatest challenge facing our world over the next 30 years is that of water scarcity. We’re committed to tackling this in a new way. Through combining applied natural science with the latest technology available, we can address the needs of the world’s population – including the most deprived communities – in a way that minimises the impact on our environment.

Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right. That’s why we have ensured our technology can be adopted in both the poorest and wealthiest regions globally. We believe this is our social responsibility, and we won’t compromise on this commitment.

Wydrex continues to innovate and develop solutions with this principle in mind. Our aim is to transform the lives of people across the globe through minimising the harmful effects on communities from the viruses and diseases that inhabit wastewater across all territories.

Wydrex believes that the current wastewater treatment sector is dated, highly inefficient and does not address the vital need to reduce carbon footprint. There are significant challenges posed by current methods:

  • The variable quality of current wastewater treatment involves a high degree of unreliability due to dated infrastructure and the technical and operational weaknesses of current solutions. Our solution is fully autonomous, which allows a small team to manage a large footprint of installations across a region.

  • In all countries, a huge amount of energy from the national grid is used to treat wastewater (estimated at between 5 and 10% of total output). Significant power savings in this area can have a material knock-on effect on power consumption across the grid in each territory we operate in.

  • Labour costs still represent a significant element of the overall OPEX cost and almost all solutions are semi-automatic at best, with manual error still contributing to performance issues across networks in all territories. The WDX solution is fully automated, so it can improve both the efficiency and quality of outcome.

  • Current solutions produce a large amount of sludge, which is sent to landfill. Landfills are a leading source of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming impact more than 30x that of CO2. Wydrex solutions generate very little sludge, meaning less ends up in landfill. The small amount of sludge that is generated is not biohazardous and can be applied as fertiliser. OPEX costs are significantly reduced as a results and the impact in terms of carbon footprint is minimised.

Our approach recognises the importance and value each stakeholder brings to the process (inventor, manufacturer, distributor, local partner and customer) and we work to ensure fairness and transparency in our business activities and engagement with our customers and suppliers. Together we can build a better world and make a difference for all.

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Most people perceive water as a resource. They believe it can be spent or used once and then discharged into nature. The planet will handle it and new rainfall will bring new water to our homes.


We’re passionate about water and anything related to it.
We would like to make water as accessible to our children as it once was to us.

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An accomplished Senior Management Technical Sales Executive, Stefan brings a data-driven mindset and a passion for disruptive technology that can transform the water sector. For him, the gold standard is wastewater recycling available to all and not just the few. He gained his experience in companies like Honeywell and Oracle and was a member of the minister’s advisory board at the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport.



Chief Commercial Officer

In the role of Chief Commercial Officer he is responsible for overseeing the objectives and implementation of all commercial strategies. Possessing extensive experience from senior exec roles for leading FTSE 100 companies including BUPA and Capita Basil has developed a strong network of relationships globally with senior figures in government and industry. A serial entrepreneur he is also the founder of Cross Border Health Solutions, a fast growing high volume global distribution business in the COVID and healthcare consumable products sector. Basil is making a difference and effecting change in the water sector through creating awareness around our innovative and cost effective portfolio.




Robert is a project-oriented CTO with vast international experience of successfully managing projects across a number of TELCO&IT business segments under a matrix structure.



People Director

Melba is an expert in initiating ambitious innovative projects that spur social change. With over 20 years of experience in building strategic cross-sector partnerships, championing social inclusion, cross-cultural learning, collaboration and social innovation, she specialises in connecting people and projects across the globe to address sustainability challenges.
Melba served as Sustainability Advisor on community building, project development and stakeholder engagement on a number of high-profile projects with partners such as the V&A Museum, Comic Relief, London Legacy Development Corporation, Deutsche Bank, London City Airport and the Commission for a Sustainable London.



External Financial Adviser

Experienced commercial CFO with a demonstrated history of working with a large number of venture capital and private equity backed startups and scale ups. Skilled in Business Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Process and Organisation redesign, financial structuring and modelling and Scale-up environments.

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