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Wydrex is currently working with partners in more than 20 regions across the world.
In each region we operate in we establish a service delivery partner arrangement with a local business.
It is important they have the relevant infrastructure to provide professional services for delivered products and technologies.

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We are actively looking for new Partners – either Service Delivery Partners, Agents, or Introducers. Each party plays a different role, but originating from one region, they cooperate together. Thus Wydrex can provide the same local support to its external sales representatives, even without its direct presence in the territory.

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If you care about the environment and feel you may have the right connections with suitable local partners, local authorities, municipalities or utility companies, Wydrex would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Your role would be to introduce Wydrex to potential customers or projects without active involvement or participation in sales or relationship management activities.


The Agent or Agency is a person or business that is actively involved in business activities in the territory. You would be trained and educated in our technology, and with the support of the global team would represent Wydrex at a local level, developing the market opportunity for our technology solutions and providing valuable insight and understanding of local market conditions.

The Agent tends to have an early adopter mindset and is constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference in their chosen field. We actively seek Agents who:

  • Have a drive and passion for game-changing technology 

  • Have a desire to build the structure for the rollout of unique technologies in the early stages including:

    • Engaging with key stakeholders in the marketplace to assess market viability

    • Understanding local market conditions and challenges and helping to pitch the Wydrex solution into the market

    • Identifying and securing the right Service Delivery Partner for technical support in the territory

    • Working closely with the Service Delivery Partner to identify initial projects  and build local reference sites in the process 

  • If you or your company has a background in the water sector, this would be advantageous. If not, we can support you in finding a local water expert to help build credibility

  • In addition to the above activities, you will actively undertake market research so Wydrex can understand the country specifics and adapt its portfolio to local needs.

Passion for Wydrex technology, a desire to develop your understanding of customer needs and a hunger to succeed and overcome any challenges encountered are the key traits we look for in an Agent or Agency.

If you’d like to find out more about the role and how our Agent model works, please contact us.


Wydrex spends time evaluating potential local Service Delivery Partner arrangements in each territory or market vertical. We recognise the importance of ensuring we achieve the right cultural fit with our business. We seek to secure long term partnerships where both parties work closely to evaluate market need and develop a clear strategy for delivering continued business growth and service excellence in the market. A partner with a strong understanding of local market conditions, the competitive environment, access to the right connections and most importantly a desire and passion for our solution and its ability to make a difference in their territory form the essence of what we are looking for. 

Typically the initial steps will involve:

  • Detailed familiarisation with our technology solution

  • Engagement with the local market to identify a suitable pilot installation to use as a reference site in local territory

  • Undertaking the detailed training required to effectively market and build the solution (supported by the Wydrex team at all stages)

  • On completion of first installations we can then agree terms around potential exclusivity and work together to build the business plan for the territory 



Based on our experience to date, suitable Service Delivery Partners come from the following market segments: 

  1. Wastewater treatment service provider 

  2. Wastewater treatment plant operating company 

  3. Fresh water delivery (service provider) 

  4. Construction or engineering company 

  5. Oil wells service provider 

  6. Gas service provider 

  7. Other companies in utilities segment from the field of: 

a. Power distribution 
b. Telco infrastructure
c. Facilities management companies 

If you’d like to find out more about the role of the Service Delivery Partner and how our partnership model works please  contact us for further details.

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