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Wydrex provides two solutions for communities with 50 to 400 inhabitants:
WDX BIO Packaged Plants and WDX NANO.

WDX BIO Packaged Plants
Packaged Plants harness bacteria naturally generated in the wastewater treatment process. The plants are manufactured from high density polyethylene or polypropylene and are based on a unique biological reactor. The reactor provides one of the most efficient biological treatment methods available. It produces clean effluent water that can be disinfected and further recycled.
The packaged plants deliver all of the advantages of Build Plants with the exception of power consumption. However, this is still more efficient than with similar solutions in the marketplace. The packaged plants come on-site fully constructed and, after connecting to pre-treatment, equalising and sludge tanks, they can start treating wastewater within two to six weeks. The key advantage of packaged plants is that they require minimal maintenance, running fully autonomously. Professional servicing only needs to be performed once per quarter.
If you are looking for a scalable solution with a small footprint and low operating cost, WDX BIO Packaged Plants will meet your needs.

WDX NANO delivers nano filtration devices for potable water production in small communities. It can produce potable water from virtually any water-based resource – even when heavily contaminated by chemicals. The only limitations are due to local standards and regulations in territory.
WDX Direct Potable
Should local regulations allow, both solutions – WDX BIO and WDX NANO – can be combined into one unit, producing water with potable quality from local waste. If not consumed, the water can be used for washing purposes or irrigation. Water is conserved and kept in circulation, which is vital in drought-affected regions.
The design is custom made and based on the customer’s analysis of the wastewater constituency.
The final configuration is tailored to these test results. It can cover the following components:

  • micro- and ultra-filtration

  • pH adjustment

  • arsenic removal

  • nano glass filtration to kill bacteria and viruses

  • water ionisation to increase its energetic value and enable binding to minerals

  • nano filtration to remove dead bacteria and viruses

  • active carbon adsorption for removing radioactive isotopes, heavy metals, odours and colours

  • mineral cartridges for increasing or equalising mineralisation

  • coconut fibres to add a pleasant smell and taste to the water

With the WDX NANO solution customers have access to safe potable water with properties similar to that found in natural creeks. When compared with Reverse Osmosis, the water is less aggressive   and achieves a range of power consumption savings of between 50 and 90%.

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(This category also covers larger villages and towns with over 500 inhabitants.)

WDX BIO Build Plants are designed for both towns and cities with existing plants in operation as well as those looking to increase treatment capacity by building a new plant. For most local authorities, the greatest concern after treatment quality relates to operating costs, such as the cost of labour, power consumption, sludge transportation and post-treatment. WDX BIO Build Plants address these issues efficiently, providing fully autonomous operation at less than 50% power consumption, whilst eliminating 80% of sludge during biological treatment.


Unlike others, WDX BIO Build Plants don’t create a foul odour, so the plants can be operated in densely populated areas without the need for a protection zone. Water can be recycled at the same location waste is created and the remaining sludge, which is not bio-hazardous, can be removed and safely applied as a fertiliser on agricultural land.

Wydrex delivers both – a solution for low-cost potable water production and wastewater treatment.

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WDX NANO is the solution for potable water treatment. It removes all contaminants and any biological risk from your water, as well as improving its taste and energetic value.

There are many ways in which water can become contaminated. Local contaminants, such as arsenic, radioactive isotopes or heavy metals may be naturally present in the water. Medicines, hormones and medical residues are often present in treated wastewater and later recycled in potable water. There are new dangers posed by microplastics and carcinogenic compounds originating from chlorinated water.


Other contaminants relate to water storage. Viruses, bacteria, yeast and other micro-organisms may grow in water or leak inside through external sources such as sewage spillages. Even if water has been treated properly, secondary contamination can pose a health risk.
In addition to toxins and contaminants, water can contain undesirable levels of minerals.

Distilled or filtered water binds minerals from the human body, which can cause mineral deficiency or de-calcification of the body and result in fragile bone constitution. However, high levels of minerals cause an unpleasant taste. It’s important to strike the right balance.


WDX NANO addresses all of these issues.

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“Water is the driving force in nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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The majority of utility companies have fixed rates for their services – regardless of whether it's potable water production or wastewater treatment. The end user prices are set by the market and local authorities.
One way in which we can improve your profitability is through OPEX savings.

This is where Wydrex solutions excel.


Wydrex plants are able to produce potable water of the same quality as Reverse Osmosis plants, but unlike RO plants, Wydrex plants retain beneficial minerals. Moreover, the process saves at least 50% of the energy consumed by RO plants.

WDX BIO Build Plants provide the lowest OPEX cost of all advanced solutions on the market. They treat the entire amount of wastewater, eliminating 80% of sludge biologically. No chemicals are required as standard. Even if precipitation salt is needed for eutrophic areas, it’s at just 5% of the volume used in conventional plants.


Utility companies can deliver a decentralised solution for small communities where wastewater treatment with conventional technologies is not feasible. As the need for professional maintenance is limited to only four services per year, a group of four people can efficiently manage hundreds of packaged plants across a region. This is due to the fact that Wydrex technology is fully autonomous. It also adjusts the treatment cycle and its intensity to real-time needs. When the water is more contaminated the treatment is intensified. When less contaminated, power savings are achieved. The most power-consuming operations can also run on a night current, which is significantly cheaper than daily rates.

Plant Operators have the same access to technology remotely as on-site. All communication, electronic components and data managed are protected to US military grade standards.

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“Water is the most valuable asset on our planet,

and we protect is as such"

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