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WYDREX supplies quality products for your home or business ranging from a wide variety of items, no matter what you may be looking for. We work hard to ensure that the products we supply are top notch quality. Our prices are unmatched. Find a better price somewhere else? Contact us, and we’ll do our best to meet it.

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Build plants for 500 PE to unlimited capacity

Build concrete plants are designed by the WDX BIO technology manufacturer. Wydrex guarantees the quality of treatment will reach agreed effluent results under pre-agreed operational conditions. The design is reviewed, adjusted and signed off with a local architect in territory who will prepare complete technical documentation. On approval by the local authorities the plant is built by a local construction company which provides the relevant guarantees for the plant infrastructure.

The Wydrex NANO ic connected is located in the separate technological room, with complete backup for its service and maintenance.

Rejected water

Rejected water can be diluted by effluent from Wydrex BIO and released to water bodies. Advanced oxidation might be applied to break down the hormones and medicines. Should the specification require an approach aiming towards a zero impact solution technologies for Zero Liquid Discharge can be applied or rejected water can be transported to a remote facility with sludge fields. Dry matter can then be burned or chemically treated to remove any drugs residues. 

Lifetime, warranty and after warranty service

Lifetime for Wydrex BIO packaged plants is 20 years and for build plants 30 years. The same lifetime is expectancy applies to Wydrex NANO technologies.

Lifetime of Wydrex NANO filters and cartridges depends on contamination level and treated volume and is automatically monitored. The manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty. After warranty service is provided 10 years after an individual component becomes obsolete.

For more details please refer to TECHNOLOGY section

Regulatory advice

Before purchasing our solution we will guide you through the assessment process for evaluating wastewater contamination levels as well as possible effluent quality. Unless your country has direct potable legislation in place we advise to contact the local regulatory authority and seek their approval for the installation. If your local regulator does not allow direct potable use, you can check to see if it’s possible to use it for non-potable purposes such us: greenery irrigation, washing, cleaning, cooling, showering, toilet flushing, or as a fire reserve tank. There is potential to save up to 50% on freshwater costs if you recycle the water resources that you currently own.




Packaged plants for 50 to 400 PE

The Wydrex BIO packaged plants ranges from 50 to 400 population equivalents and are made of polypropylene. The material provides high resistance against harmful environment present in municipal wastewaters and is UV stabilized.


50 – 100 PE

Wydrex BIO packaged plant for 50 to 100 PE is produced are single device with external pre-treatment and equalizing tank. The tank is either oval – for under surface installation or rectangular for above surface installation.

101 to 400 PE

Devices in these range are delivered as multiple plants connected to a shared equalizing tank and pre-treatment. If required, sanitation unit is installed in separate container to treat common effluent.

Power consumption

Guaranteed power consumption for WDX BIO build plants is 0.5kWh/m3 while treating municipal waters. The average power consumption is 0.33 kWh/m3, on large plants ranging as low as 0.2 kWh/m3. Exact power consumption for a specific project will be calculated after receiving project details and wastewater constituency report.




Wydrex NANO creates safe, high quality water with pleasant taste and optimum mineralization level. It can either be used for potable water production, or for industries where water quality and taste influences the final product quality – such as Food and Beverage, Cafeterias, Vineries or Cosmetics industry.

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Daily production: 15 to 50 m3

The solution can be used either for potable water production or if combined with Wydrex BIO as a technology for affordable water recycling.
The solution fits in a 20 feet container. It has 20 years lifetime.



Daily production: above 50 m3

The application is similar to the previous model, but it can support larger communities. 
The solution fits in a 40 feet container. It has 20 years lifetime.
Both solutions are covered by Remote Control System.
Solar panels can be used as optional power.



The device produces physically treated pure water, which can be enriched by minerals based on the specific product needs. The solution is individually designed. Some industries such as Food and Beverage can benefit from better taste of their products due to higher quality of water used in the production.



Developed for farms to reduce the public fresh water supplies and solve the problem with manure. The technology separates solid particles and generates pure sterilized water. Manure is converted to pellets that can be used as very affective odourless fertiliser. The clean water can be used for feeding animals or cleaning the farm. The highest efficiency is reached if Wydrex BIO technology is used for reducing contaminants from slurry, before the Wydrex NANO treatment.



The solution is used in areas affected by environmental disasters or disruption of infrastructure. Refugee camps might be covered as well.
This version is transported to an affected area and connected to a local water source. Despite of level of contaminants, the solution produce pure, high quality water. Solar panels for independent operation are standard. 
Daily capacity is 20 to 50 m3 depending on design and contamination level. The technology is delivered in 20 feet or 40 feet container.

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